Reserve a spot for an Angel Morgan pet psychic reading

FREE - Donations Accepted

Donations will be directed to one of the CPE partner rescues.

Not everyone can Bring their pet to a reading. With Angels gifts you are welcome to bring them to any session but it is not mandatory.
Angel can connect with them Through a simple picture. Even without that she can read your scaly, feathered or furry family member through your love and dedication to them!"

Space is limited, please reserve your spot for you and your pet to enjoy this unique experience.

I understand that I am reserving a spot for my pet and I to have a introductory pet reading at the Fall Canadian Pet Expo at the International Centre in Mississauga on the date & time selected above. I will be at Angel Morgan's booth 5 min prior to my start time. I also understand that I must purchase a ticket for the Canadian Pet Expo at the door or online prior to entering the event.

Angel Morgan

Dynamic television host and well known psychic, Angel Morgan has clients in Jamaica, England, Peru, Guatemala, Malta, the United States and more!

Angel's hangout time once a month at Newstalk 1010 "The Night Side" with Barb Digiulio is a highlight for many of the wonderful fans who listen to the station! If they can't catch her there then they can listen to her at on Stoufville's Whistleradio 102.7fm every Tuesday night @8pm

She has worked globally in her chosen profession, and with a background in media and theatre since the age of 14, she has a natural affection towards being in front of audiences. Audiences could see her last October at the Old Mill in Toronto where she won the hearts of all who attended with her ability and quirky, fun personality as she took the stage for "Angel Morgan Live - The Fun Psychic Tour".

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